Our Mascot




During the first few weeks of its life, this graywolf cub did little but eat, sleep and play. A wolf, like Timber, isnever too young to howl! This young wolf can have a great future butTimber has much to learn. To survive in his world, he needs to observeand follow the examples of the leaders of the pack. He must learn tocooperate with the other cubs in the pack. The young cub will need totrust the other cubs in the pack and become responsible himself as a cubworthy of trust for in his world, the survival and success of the packcan only be insured through teamwork. Wolves learn to acceptresponsibility for their role in the pack, not just to protectthemselves, but for the good of all the others in the pack. Timber mustconstantly be aware that there is danger in his world. He will rely onhis elders and packmates to help provide him with protection. TogetherTimber and the pack can accomplish much more than any one of them couldon their own. Timber is happy, for now, to be a wolf cub. He enjoys thetime he gets to play with his friends. He appreciates the many thingsthe pack provides him with. Still, he works hard to be ready when it istime to join the adult wolves. There is much growing to do before hishowls can join the choruses of the adult wolves, but Timber figures thatif he starts practicing now he might one day be the LEADER OF THE PACK!

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